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Congratulations on taking the next step towards living life on your terms. Whether you're a real estate investing pro or a novice, or you simply want to learn more about the best ways to buy real estate overseas, you'll find your Real Estate Trend Alert membership utterly invaluable.

Your membership gives you unrestricted access to expert Ronan McMahon's regular market analysis, practical how to guides and specific buying opportunities from all-over the world, in Mexico, Costa Rica, Portugal, Italy, France, Thailand and more.

Best of all, your membership is covered by a 90-Day 100% Risk-Free Trial...

Simply put, you have 90 days to take RETA for a risk-free test-drive, and if it doesn't live up to your expectations in any way, you can claim your money back in full.

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  • Detailed Monthly Issues: Every month Ronan will send you a brand-new issue of Real Estate Trend Alert, jam-packed with profit-making ideas, in-depth market analysis, specific real estate investment opportunities and much more...
  • Flash Alerts: When an opportunity is so big and urgent it can't wait for your monthly issue of Real Estate Trend Alert, Ronan will send you a series of Flash Alerts. These emails will give you in-depth detail of the real estate opportunity and how to act on it.
  • Updates: With your Real Estate Trend Alert membership you'll also get regular email Updates from Ronan with any timely and valuable real estate investing insights he comes across on his travels, in the press, research papers, and more.
  • 24/7 Website Access: Everything Ronan publishes for Real Estate Trend Alert members is archived on the members' only website. It's your "mission control" for easy access to all the valuable research, special reports, videos and podcasts.
  • Concierge: Nancy Kiernan is your dedicated Real Estate Trend Alert member concierge. She's on hand to help you navigate the Real Estate Trend Alert website, point you to real estate deals that might interest you, and anything else that lets you get full value from your membership.

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BONUS #1: The D.E.A.L. System – My Four-Step Approach to Finding Profitable Real Estate

Ronan does all the grunt work for Real Estate Trend Alert members, from finding deals, vetting them, and even negotiating prices. You barely have to lift a finger...

That said, he's written this special report to give you a quick overview of the methodology used to find profitable real estate. When you read this report, you'll be able to better evaluate which recommendations are right for you... and maximize your moneymaking potential.

Download your copy instantly, when you join Real Estate Trend Alert using the form below...

BONUS #2: Ronan McMahon's Profit Principle

In Ronan's bestselling book he tears back the curtain on a 20+ year real estate investing career and lets you see the secret strategies he's used to consistently win big with little risk.

He'll also reveal seven locations around the world, where you could double your money in just five years, and even tell you what specific type of real estate to buy there.

Plus, you'll learn about the embarrassing and costly mistakes Ronan made early in his career—so you don't have to make them too!

Your copy of Ronan McMahon's Profit Principle is waiting for you on the encrypted, Real Estate Trend Alert member's only website...

Activate your 90-day risk-free trial today and download it instantly.

BONUS #3: Your RETA Guide To Maximizing Your Rental Income Anywhere In The World

Real estate is one of the few investments that actually pays you for simply holding it...

But the difference between making $1,000 per month or $2,000 per month in rental income could be down to something you'd least expect, like getting a professional to photograph your property, installing an air conditioning unit (even when it's unnecessary) and more.

In your third special report, Ronan reveals everything he's learned from his 20+ year career, owning investment properties in several different countries, on how to supercharge your rental yields...

Your RETA Guide To Maximizing Your Rental Income Anywhere In The World is yours FREE when you when you join Real Estate Trend Alert today.

BONUS #4: How to Get Portugal's Golden Visa with Profitable Real Estate

The ultra-rich are spending huge sums to get second passports and all the benefits that come with them (Ronan already has two passports and residency in a third country—just in case!).

In the small island of St Kitts and Nevis, you can get a passport for a non-refundable deposit of $150,000...

But getting a second passport in Portugal can actually make you money...

By investing in specific Portuguese real estate, you can put yourself on a fast-track to citizenship there and also make a small fortune.

Get all the details in your fourth FREE report, How to Get Portugal's Golden Visa with Profitable Real Estate.

Plus You'll also receive the premium edition of International Living's Dream Home Letter, sent every day to Real Estate Trend Alert members via email.

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One full year of Real Estate Trend Alert membership is just $299 (that's more than a 70% discount on the regular pricing of $999).

That means daily access to everything is just $0.82 per day!

LESS than the cost of your morning coffee!

You simply won't see a better bargain for this type of service.

By way of full disclosure: Pangaea Ltd.—a real estate advertising company and International Living's preferred advertising partner—may earn advertising fees on the deals Ronan passes along to RETA members. This helps fund the travel, due diligence, and resultant legal investigations Ronan and his team do on every deal.

And RETA members get a killer price on the property deals I recommend...

And remember, when you complete and submit the form below, you are simply activating a 90-day trial-run of Real Estate Trend Alert.

You risk nothing and are under zero obligation.

If within 90 days you aren't absolutely thrilled with your Real Estate Trend Alert membership, simply let us know and we'll give you a full and quick refund.

Otherwise, your trial-run will automatically roll into a full yearly membership.

All the bonus gifts are yours to keep, no matter what.

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